A Lesson in Vocabulary

Episode 3

With Jason Leveille, Web Developer at Blue Atlas Interactive

Jason Leveille is a reformed High School Web Design teacher. For approximately 8 years he taught at Quince Orchard HS in Montgomery County. The web developer bug bit him, hard, so hard in fact that he left teaching to explore the field full time. He now works as a web developer at Blue Atlas Interactive in Germantown, MD. Jason is one of those people that takes a book home on Friday and can use, explain, and understand the contents by Monday, which makes people like me jealous.

I mention this because his presentation was based around the overarching concepts young web designers and developers won't really understand until they have years of experience. As a seasoned vet he spoke about how to continue to learn, problem solving skills, and evaluating failures and successes.

Download Episode [539.36 MB]

Posted on 11/09/09, originally delivered on 10/15/09
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