Interview with Dan Philibin and Michael Castilla

Episode 7

With Dan Philibin and Michael Castilla, Students / Entreprenuers of WPCoder

There are two young web professionals I've been watching for the past two years, they are Dan Philibin and Michael Castilla. I came across them after seeing WPCoder, a business they run together for marking up mock ups into Wordpress themes. I was astounded to find that these two guys are a mere sophomore (Dan) and senior (Michael) in high school. Read those last two words again, I said HIGH SCHOOL. I see adults struggle with some of the things these guys are doing. I knew they had to speak to my students and we've been trying for a year to get them to Skype in but since they have school all day it's been difficult.

We set up a live Interview where we picked their brains about how they've learned, what's possible, and their future plans. These two guys are truly amazing and the work they are producing is well above their age bracket. It was inspiring to have them and good for my students to see what is possible, despite age.

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Posted on 12/04/09, originally delivered on 11/16/09
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