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Monday, Oct 12th, 2009

Using your sketchbook sketch some ideas for a personal portfolio website.  There are several things you should consider:

  • Overall Message
  • Color Scheme
  • Logo
  • Layout

There is no reason to use Ps or Fw today this is a brainstorming session.  Use any of these links to gather inspiration:

Sept 9th, 2009

Let’s read this article

Sept 4th, 2009

  1. Get out the Website Development Process worksheet
  2. Open Firefox
  3. Turn off your monitor

Sept 1st, 2009

  1. On a blank sheet of paper write the basic steps you follow when you write an essay

Sept 31st, 2009


  1. Find your seat
  2. Await Mr. Brown

Happy Summer

Enjoy your summer!  I had a great year with you.

In my absence…

If you are reading this that means that my child is being born (Woohoo!).  I am planning to be absent 10 school days.  Follow the subs instructions, work diligently, and be polite to your fellow students.

  1. Finish your School Newspaper Mock Up including a full mock up for the homepage and content pages
  2. If you finish print out your wireframe, and each mock up, and turn into the bin.
  3. You can then begin working on your HTML, CSS, Javascript prototype.  You can use everything we have discussed this year in your prototype, don’t forget all the nifty tricks and lessons.
  4. Your Mock Ups are due upon my return (10 school days).  Thanks and have fun with this assm.

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

  1. Continue working on your School Newspaper Wireframe.
  2. Review the sites Angela mentioned yesterday.

Tuesday, Mar 10th, 2009

  1. Complete the draft of your cover letter today, print it and give it to Ms. Mordensky before you leave today.
  2. Tell a future employer everything your resume can’t say.

Tuesday, Feb 17th, 2009

  1. Get your google maps example working if it doesnt already
  2. Take a good look at the Javascript, look for something that looks like a latitude and longitude
  3. Change those numbers to the lat and long of your house (there are a ton of websites that will give you lat and long for addresses, find one)
  4. You will find that some lats and longs will not be over the right location, keep searching until you find a website that works.  This is all I have for you.
  5. For double triple bonus points that don’t exist, see if you can change the default view of the map to be in satellite mode
  6. All of these answers and more lie in the Google Maps API documentation, when you look at the examples, view the source code to look at their Javascript.

Monday, Feb 9th, 2009

  1. What questions do you have?
  2. I am not going to show you how to solve this.
  3. I have two community members who need assistance with their websites, is anyone interested?

Monday, Feb 2nd - Friday, Feb 6th, 2009

  1. Continue working on the Dynamic List.
  2. It is due Friday, both zipped up and placed in the hand in bin and printed with validation sheets.
  3. I will not accept any work late for this.  Matt, Ryan, Yordanos, and Michael…stay off the blogs, you don’t have time.
  4. One time during the week send me an email to tell me of your progress.
  5. Be sure that it is not only functional but also attractive.
  6. If you finish, read some blogs and enjoy your time.

Thursday, Jan 29th, 2009

  1. Today we review the next assignment

Thursday, Jan 15th, 2009

  1. Listen to Mr. Brown
  2. Do not play any games!

Monday, Jan 12th, 2009

  • Bookmark this site: Fam Fam Fam Silk Icons
  • In your Javascript folder create a new folder called jquery and in it create the assets folder with a js, css, and gr folder inside it
  • Create an index.html file, a base.css file, and an application.js file and place them in their appropriate places.  Place comments at the top of each file.

Monday, Jan 5th, 2009

  1. Welcome back!
  2. Open your javascript form validation site.

Wednesday, Dec 17th, 2008

  • Create a new website called form.html
  • The form must include name, email, comment, and a method for the user to sign up for the mailing list or not.  Include a submit button and a reset button.
  • Style it so it’s usable but also pretty, emphasis on usability.

Monday, Dec 15th, 2008

  • Thought it might be time to update the warm up for you guys.
  • There’s alot more cool stuff in Javascript, but to go where I want to take you we have to stop and discuss/review forms a bit before moving on in JS.
  • So, come on a fantastic voyage with me to this location.

Monday, Nov 24th, 2008

  1. Open your Javascript project.
  2. Let’s work through the logic together so you can focus on getting the images done.

Monday, Nov 17th, 2008

  1. Get your Javascript files open.
  2. Ryan, Matt, and Bobby get the design for Lorne done immediately!

Wednesday, Nov 12th, 2008

  1. Write two separate javascript scripts
  2. js2.html and js2.js
    • Make a website that displays the product of A times itself.  For this example give A a value of 3.
  3. js3.html and js3.js

    • Make a website that asks the user for the value of A and then uses it to calculate A times itself.
    • Hint:  Read about prompt.

Tuesday, Nov 11th, 2008

  1. Let’s review our questions for Paul
  2. Open the js1.html file

Monday, Nov 10th, 2008

  1. Open the js1.html file from Thursday.
  2. Ask me about Thursday.

Thursday, Nov 6th, 2008

  1. In Word, make a KWL organizer.
  2. Actually, just use this one.
  3. Print it and write ‘Javascript’ as the topic.
  4. Take about 7 min to write down everything you know (or think you know) about Javascript.

Wednesday, Nov 5th, 2008

  1. Lets talk about our trip!

Friday, Oct 31st, 2008

  1. Happy Halloween!
  2. Guest Speaker, Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, Oct 28th, 2008

  1. Continue working on transferring your mock up into HTML
  2. It is due Wed, 10/29

Thursday, Oct 23rd, 2008

  1. Get to work!
  2. No, really get to work!

Wednesday, Oct 22nd, 2008

  1. You have until Friday (10/24) to complete transferring your mock up into a website

Friday, Oct 10th, 2008

  1. Happy Friday.  Enjoy the guest Speaker!

Monday, Oct 6th, 2008

  1. Continue working on your mock up.
  2. It is due Wednesday at the end of the period

Bring in your check and permission slip for the field trip ASAP.

Wednesday, Oct 1st, 2008

  1. First, let’s have a laugh.
  2. What do you think of this?  Is someone interested?
  3. Today, tomorrow, and next week we are working on our designs (mock ups)

We have our first guest speaker Friday (Woo Hoo!), so Friday we will not be designing.

Monday, Sept 29th, 2008

  1. You have the entire week to complete your mock up

Reminder: Our first guest speaker is coming on this Friday.  Friday will not be a work day.

Wednesday, Sept 24th, 2008

  1. Complete your wireframe
  2. It must be printed at the end of the period today and placed in the hand in bin.
  3. You may not turn it in tomorrow

Tuesday, Sept 23rd, 2008

  1. You have today and tomorrow remaining to work on your wireframe
  2. It is due at the end of the period tomorrow (printed)

Monday, Sept 22nd, 2008

  1. You have thru Wed to continue working on your wireframe for your personal/portfolio site

Friday, Sept 19th, 2008

  1. We are going to begin talking about design production, from scratch
  2. Read this excellent article about wireframing on digital-web
  3. When complete, open Fireworks

Thursday, Sept 18th, 2008

  1. Go read a blog article and make a comment on it.
  2. With anytime left, finish your table

Wednesday, Sept 17th, 2008

  1. Please open your table HTML and CSS
  2. Please get out the Homework Essay Assignment

Monday, Sept 15th, 2008

  1. Sign up to help me teach web design to adults (on the board up front)
  2. Open your table html and css files.

Friday, Sept 12th, 2008

  1. Read the Interview with Pasquale D’Silva
  2. Let’s Discuss

Thursday, Sept 11th, 2008

  1. Get your navigation done!
  2. Validate both the HTML and CSS
  3. Print your code and the validation success page

Tuesday, Sept 9th, 2008

  1. We have 2 discussion items today before we get started.
  2. Continue working on your Navigation
  3. By the end of the period you should be 80% complete.

Monday, Sept 8th, 2008

  1. Find a navigation(s) on the web that inspires you (I recommend Pattern Tap).
  2. Use these navigations to design your own.
  3. We will create a wireframe first.

Friday, Sept 5th, 2008

  1. Turn in your essay
  2. Open your navigation html & css file.


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